Gazebo Designs

Gazebo Designs - Gazebos Are Open Sided

Gazebo Designs have been around for many years. The word has been utilized dating back to the 1700s although its origin is mysterious and it has no known cognates in European languages. It has also been proposed that it got their start in the French Que c’est beau meaning “How beautiful” or the Macaronic Latin gazebo meaning “I shall gaze.”

The gazebo designs is that of a garden structure which is open in every sides; is either free standing or attached; and is competent to offer you shade and shelter in addition to being an enhancing feature in any garden.

Since we’re discussing sides let’s begin with that. These structures have open sides and therefore the walls don’t go all the way up so there is nothing to block the free air flow through it. What’s more, it has a range of sides from four all the way up to twelve or more. The most used number is eight then six but you could also see other numbers around.

Gazebo Designs

Most Gazebo Designs you find in public parks and the like are free standing but the ones that you often see in private gardens are often attached either as part of the deck or of the wall of a house. Their roofs tend to be incorporated as part of the roof of your house so that basically it can be part of the whole home structure.

With regards to the material used wood is undoubtedly the most frequent. This dates back centuries. The reason being wood is easy to have, easy to work with and has a natural beauty that simply makes it that much easier to merge any garden landscape.

The other advantage of wood is that you could paint it any color you wish or it is possible to stain it or leave it raw. If you do decide to leave it raw just make sure you paint it with a water sealant to protect it from moisture. You also must make sure you redo this regularly so that it will maintain the level of protection.

This sort of maintenance isn’t really necessary if you pick metal or vinyl gazebos. The metal ones may be stainless steel, aluminum or wrought iron. Metal is strong and durable and most of the time possess a color coating that gives added protection to the whole structure. You just pick the color you want and other than looking out for chipped paint and rust you can just enjoy using it.

This also applies for gazebo designs created from vinyl. Made from synthetic plastics and polymers vinyl is rather strong and long lasting even while it is lightweight. It comes already colored so you simply find the one that you’d like. While its light weightiness is an advantage when assembling it could be a disadvantage when it’s already up is it may not have the stability to face up to strong winds.

It is possible to get a DIY kit with the style of Gazebo Designs you desire. These kits include all the parts and accessories you’ll need in order to put one up in your backyard. This way all you need to do is spend some time and your work so you may have one up for you to start enjoying.


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